COVID-19 防疫安排

A. Race Entry Requirements

  • All runners must be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 (i.e. receiving two doses 14 days before the event day).
  • All runners are required to take COVID-19 polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test and provide validated negative results within 48 hours before the start of the race.
  • All runners are required to show the vaccination records and test results on the event day for checking as and when required.
  • All runners must submit a health declaration that is provided by the Organiser.


B. Race Start

  • Body temperature screening will be conducted before a person is allowed to enter the race venue. Only those with body temperature lower than 37.5oC are allowed to participate in the race.
  • No bibs / race pack collection and luggage storage service at the start area will be provided.
  • No mass briefing of runners at the venue will be conducted.
  • Hand sanitizers stations will be available at the start / finish area as well as the checkpoint.
  • All runners must keep social distancing of not less than 1.5m with one another at the start and finish areas.
  • All runners must wear masks at all times, except when runners who are on competition in the race route or when the person is consuming a drink where reasonably necessary.
  • Runners will be allowed to enter the starting zone 3 minutes before their race starting time and would be advised to keep 1.5m apart from each other. Start time for each time will be annouced later.


C. During the Event

  • Runners can take off their masks after the start of the race and must put on the masks within 100m after passing the finish line.
  • Runners must leave the finish area as soon as possible to avoid gathering.
  • Pacers, support runners and spectators are not allowed on the course, at the checkpoint, the start and finish areas.
  • Eating will not be allowed at Start/Finish areas and checkpoints
  • Only sealed bottle water and sport drinks will be distributed at the checkpoints and finish area.
  • No prize presentation ceremony will be held on the event day. All trophies will be collected on the later date.

A. 參加比賽要求

  • 所有參賽者都必須完全接種冠狀病毒病(COVID-19)疫苗(即在比賽日前 14 天接種兩劑)。
  • 所有參賽者必須在比賽開始前 48 小時內進行 COVID-19 聚合酶鏈反應 (PCR) 測試並提供陰性的檢測結果。
  • 所有參賽者須於活動當日出示疫苗接種記錄及檢測結果以備查驗。
  • 所有參賽者必須填寫及提交由主辦機構提供的健康聲明。


B. 比賽開始

  • 所有人仕進入比賽場地前將進行體溫檢測。僅允許體溫低於 37.5C 的人仕參加比賽。
  • 起跑區不提供號碼布 / 比賽包領取及行李寄存服務。
  • 比賽起步前不會有賽前簡報。
  • 起跑及終點區域以及檢查站將提供酒精消毒搓手液。
  • 所有參賽者必須在起跑區和終點區保持不少於1.5米的社交距離。
  • 所有參賽者必須佩戴口罩,但在比賽路線上進行比賽的參賽者或在合理必要的情況下飲用飲料時除外。
  • 參賽者在比賽開始時間前3分鐘可進入起跑區,並建議彼此保持1.5m的距離。每個組別起步時間容後公佈。


C. 比賽期間

  • 參賽者可在比賽開始後取下口罩,且必須在通過終點線後100米內戴上口罩。
  • 參賽者必須盡快離開終點區,避免聚集。
  • 參賽者的陪步人仕、支援人仕和觀眾不得進入賽事路線、檢查站、起跑區和終點區。
  • 起點 / 終點區域和檢查站禁止飲食。
  • 在檢查站和終點區將只會提供密封瓶裝水及運動飲品。
  • 活動當天不舉行頒獎典禮。所有獎杯將在稍後領取。