Race Markers 賽道標示


1. The entire course will be marked with reflective yellow color ribbons in every 100 – 300 meters along single trail and will be in a closer distance in forest or at trail junction.



2. At some trail junction or open area, white plastic plate with a reflective RED arrow will also help to indicate the race direction.



3. There will also be a “cross” on the trails that you should not take.

1. 賽道沿途會以黃色反光絲帶標示,間距約為100至300米,在小路交界及密林裏相距會更短。


2. 在分岔路口將會加設以白色做底的紅色箭嘴反光指示牌以示正確方向。


3. 在不正確的山徑上,同時會設置「X」指示牌。