The ultimate trail running challenge in Hong Kong!

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Race Info -
HK 168

Race Course Terrain

  1. Most parts of the race course are in the country parks of Hong Kong and on the major hiking trails. However, some parts are rocky, uneven and steep.

  1. Take great care at all times and never overtake unless it is safe to do so.  Give way to participants who are moving more quickly than you.

  1. Participants need to cross ther aod at some parts  along the race course. Please follow the traffic light and use the flyover to croos the road.

Preparation before the Race

  1. The organizer highly recommends participants to start exercising 2 months before the event, so as to obtain the best result.

  1. A short jogging everyday can strengthen fitness and endurance.

  1. Sufficient sleep 1 week before the race.

  1. Sufficient daily food and fluid intake.

  1. Trimming nails of toes 1 week before the race, so as to minimize the chance of injury when going downhill.

Race Support

Participants are required to be semi self-sufficient. Pacer and support runners are strictly prohibited. Outside assistance or support by other people is only permitted at the checkpoints. Support outside the checkpoints is not allowed, except in an emergency. The participant may be penalized or disqualified for breaches of the rules.

Sickness or Injury

  1. Take good care of your health.

  1. If a participant is sick or injured and can move to the next checkpoint, please get assistance from first aid post.

  1. If a participant is sick or injured and can not move to the next checkpoint, call the emergency phone number (printed on the back of race number bib) to inform the organizer and specify your location, or ask another participants to alert the race marshals / staff at the nearest checkpoint if there is not mobile phone reception.

  1. Due to the difficulty of access of certain locations, one might have to wait for assistance for longer than anticipated.

  1. It is advise that participants should have basic knowledge of first aid.

Time Limit

The maximum time allowed for the participants in each category to finish race is listed below:

Full 168:

From 6:00 pm of 1 Dec. to 4:00 pm of 3 Dec.: Total - 46 hours

Half 168:

From 10:00 am of 2 Dec. to 4:00 pm of 3 Dec.: Total - 30 hours


From 6:00 pm of 2 Dec. to 4:00 pm of 3 Dec.: Total - 22 hours


From 10:00 am of 3 Dec. to 3:00 pm of 3 Dec.: Total - 5 hours

The time limit is set to enable participants to reach the Finish Point in the maximum time imposed. To be authorized to continue the event, participants must set off from the checkpoint before the fixed time limit (whatever their arrival hours at the checkpoint).

In the case of poor weather conditions and/or for reasons of safety, the organizer reserves the right to modify the course and the time limit.

Withdrawal from the Race

  1. Except for injury, a participant must not withdraw anywhere else other than at a checkpoint. He / She must therefore inform the person in charge of the post, who definitively invalidates his race bib and recuperates the electronic chips.

  1. Most check points are accessible by public transport within a short distance. Therefore, the participant who withdraws from the race will be redirected to the closest public bus (each runner must have cash/octopus – see mandatory equipment list).

  1. Outside bus schedule, the organizer will arrange a van to pick up participant at the different checkpoints. Note that delays may occur with the van that bring participants back to the finish area. Injured participants will have the priority when numbers of seats are limited.

Mobile Phone Coverage

Although there is mobile phone coverage over most of the course, there are some areas where coverage is either non-existent or intermittent. Mobile phone coverage along the race course is shown on this “map”.

Inclement Weather / Conditions Warnings

  1. If Typhoon Signal No.3 or above or Red/Black Rainstorm Signal is hoisted at any time from 5:00am on the event day, the event will be re-scheduled.

  1. Should the above Inclement Weather / Condition Warnings be raised after the commencement of the event, the Event Director has the right to change the course distance or arrangement or to stop the event. If the event is being stopped, the event will be either be cancelled or re-scheduled.

  1. If the above Inclement Weather / Condition Warnings be raised again on supplementary event day, the event will be cancelled without any more rescheduled event and the event entry fees will not be refunded.

  1. Please check the weather from the Hong Kong Observatory (Tel: 1878200) on the event day.